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Program Magister Peternakan

  1. Formulir Laporan Kemajuan Akademik download

  2. Formulir Rencana Penelitian Eksperimental download

  3. Formulir Rencana Penelitian Non Eksperimental download
  4. Formulir Surat Keterangan Aktif download

  5. Kartu Kendali Hadir Seminar download

  6. Kartu Kendali Penulisan Tesis download

  7. Kartu Kendali Penyusunan Proposal Tesis download

  8. Kartu Pelaksanaan Penelitian download

  9. Pedoman Akademik Program Magister Peternakan download

  10. SOP Akademik Magister Peternakan download

  11. SOP Surat Pengantar Izin Penelitian download

  12. Surat Permohonan Pembimbing download

  13. Surat Permohonan Seminar download

  14. Surat Permohonan Pembimbing Akademik download

  15. Template Tesis download

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